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The Olango Birds and Seascape Tour is one of 10 "Highly Commended Honorees" of the Conservation International's 2000 Excellence
in Ecotourism Awards
and "Best Environmental Experience" Awardee of the 2001 British Airways
Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.


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is no stranger to guests from faraway lands. Twice a year, tens of thousands of visitors flock to this small island to rest their flight-weary bodies. Venture out to this place in the winter or spring, and you'll be sure to meet up with these exotic creatures, basking in the gloriously bright sun or taking refuge in the balmy shade of mangrove stands: plovers and red shanks and egrets and sandpipers are just some of the winged visitors that can be seen here, stopping over on their flight from Siberia's harsh winter, or taking a breather before they continue their journey home.

(Photo by C. Delgra)

Olango, just four kilometers off the east coast of Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines, is site of a 920-hectare protected wetland called the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Every year from February to April and then again from September to November, the OIWS serves as refuge to thousands of migratory birds traveling the East Asian Migratory Flyway, one of the most important shorebird and waterbird migratory flyways in the world. Here, they feed and roost, perfectly at home in their own peaceful and secluded world in the bosom of Nature.

The Olango Birds and Seascape Tour (OBST) offers a front-seat view of the wonderful world of birds and nature, and heartwarming encounters with the local community, who will treat you to a charming experience of a little of our Filipino cultural heritage.

Experience the soothing seascape of the southern Olango islets, sparkling in the waves like pearl-ringed emeralds on blue velvet. Get a feel and taste of the multi-faceted life in the coastal villages, bask in the local color and revel in the warmth and comforting friendliness of the people.

And yes, why not? Hie off to one of Olango's small white beaches, laze under the summery sun and simply... relax. After all, that's what the plovers and the red shanks and the egrets and the sandpipers come here for, season after season after season. (And you, too, will want to come back!)




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