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This page is a joint production of the Coastal Resource Management Project and the UNESCO National Committee on Marine Sciences (UNESCO-NCMS).



Visit this page regularly for the latest news on the Philippine celebration of the International Year of the Ocean in 1998.

Worried sick about our seas? Speak up and be counted!

Visiting Home: The "Our Seas, Our Life" Exhibit
Coastal resource management, generally regarded as an academic pursuit in this university town, will literally light up the heart of Dumaguete City very soon, calling people from all walks of life to be part of a snowballing movement to save the seas.

More "Save the Ocean" Contests Slated

Philippine IYO begins
A big turnout -- and even an bigger outpouring of commitment to the ocean’s cause -- mark the official start of the Philippine observance of the International Year of the Ocean.

Our Seas, Our Life All Set for
SM Megamall Exhibit

Movement for the Oceans Draws Wide Support

"Our Seas, Our Life" Extended until March 8

IYO Around the World 
Led by UNESCO, countries around the world draw public attention to ocean concerns through special events highlighting the importance of the oceans and the problems they are facing.

Davao del Sur, Bohol launch IYO 
Close in the heels of the big IYO launch in Cebu, Davao del Sur and Bohol set their own launch of this important year.

A Blue Tapestry in the Making:
A community arts project celebrating the ocean and the Philippines’ rich maritime heritage.

Blue Tapestry update:
Girl Scouts connect with the sea

The first 28 blocks of the Blue Tapestry could be out by May as a group of Girl Scouts adapts the project as a major summer camp activity.

The Search is on for the best Coastal Resource Management Programs

Search Draws 17 Entries

The UNESCO National Committee on Marine Sciences (UNESCO-NCMS) is the Philippine focal point for all activities that concern the oceans. Recognizing in the IYO the opportunity to promote the oceans, particularly the seas surrounding the Philippine archipelago, the Committee's 13 member-agencies developed a framework for an integrated Philippine contribution to the event. Dubbed "Dagat... Buhay" (Sea... Life), this collective effort seeks to:

  • promote public awareness and understanding of the value of marine activities, and of the sea and its resources, to national welfare.
  • ensure that the government does all it could to promote the exploration, sustainable use and conservation of the sea.



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