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July, 2010, Vol. 12 No. 3


At the Decalve marine sanctuary in Coron, Palawan, a fish warden inspects visiting boats for local government-issued tickets to ensure that the correct user fees have been paid. (Photo by A. Sia, 2008)

FISH Project in Calamianes, Palawan: Keeping focus on fisheries management
Amid the government’s heavy investments in and bias for tourism development, FISH initially struggled to draw attention to urgent fishery issues and introduce measures to manage the area’s rich and infinitely valuable -- but highly threatened -- marine resources. Perforce, it framed its messages and aligned a few of its strategies with the LGUs’ tourism goals, while keeping its focus on its own fisheries management objectives. With perseverance and the emerging tourism potential of the marine protected areas (MPAs) it assisted, the Project slowly built an active constituency for sustainable fisheries in government and civil society that now offers hope for saving the fishery resources of Calamianes and the thousands of small-scale fishers and their families whose well-being depends on fishing. Full Story.



- Hinagpis ng Dagat (Sigh of the Sea) – a three-part 47-minute feature on current issues facing Philippine fisheries and possible solutions
- Advocacy ads on biodiversity conservation, equity in access to fishery resources, marine protected areas and protecting municipal fishers’ preferential right to fish in municipal waters


n e w s

NEDA proposes poverty alleviation, environmental protection a top priority for new government
Fisheries production to grow 8% in 2010 despite El Niño
New DENR chief lays out priority programs
Tuna fishers get reprieve from ban on FADs
BFAR pushes tuna processing in Eastern Visayas
Agribusiness, aquamarine industries emerge as key job generators in Region 12
Zamboanga seaweed farmers receive aid from LGU, NEDA
Calamianes study: Fishers caught between degradation and development
Antidote to fish toxin isolated from local plant
Region 12, ARMM rally for Philippine Halal Industry implementation
PCG bares sea pirates’ new modus operandi
Taiwanese poachers pay USD25,000 fine
9 Chinese poachers nabbed, 10 others missing in high seas off Palawan

Regulations, economic crisis squeeze seafood industry -- UN
More states endorse UN treaty to curb illegal fishing
UN-backed study reveals rapid biodiversity loss despite pledge to curb decline
UN agencies highlight problem of child labor in fisheries
World lags far behind on sustainable development goals, UN chief warns
WTO chief says US blocking trade deal
‘Greening’ global fisheries could boost fish stocks, UN report says
World's oceans could be completely depleted of fish in 40 years: UN report
Global fish production continues to rise
UN conference tackles overfishing
Ports 'failing to halt illegal fishing'
90% of global fish stock of large fish gone
Delegates meet to discuss better implementation of UN ocean treaty
Migratory species face disaster from climate change, UN-backed report warns
Tuna industry urged to regulate by-catch
UN bares plan to create new body for ecosystems and biodiversity
Independent UN expert urges legal reforms to boost right to food
Business leaders increasingly worried about biodiversity loss – UN-backed report
Industry fishing for profits, not predators
Protected corals increase fishing profits
Scientists offer new take on selective fishing
Small sea snail damaging world’s coral reefs
Researchers find first proof that chemicals from seaweeds damage coral on contact
Improved prawn developed
Ocean acidification: 'Evil Twin' threatens world's oceans, scientists warn
Carbon emissions threaten fish populations
Mangrove loss outpacing destruction of land-based forests -- UN
UN meteorological agency reports end to El Niño pattern over the Pacific
Experts advise countries to look beyond "cost-benefit" analysis in climate change adaptation
UN and Oxford University unveil new index to measure poverty
Asian nations leading the way in “green economic stimulus packages – UN
Abu Dhabi to farm bluefin tuna soon
UAE: Awareness campaign promoting sustainable fisheries launched
Study suggests decline in UK fish stocks more severe than thought
Major US fishery takes a beating after oil spill
EU rejecting less Asian seafood
Argentina’s commercial hake fishery has “two years left”
Taiwan's 2010 bluefin tuna catch drops 60%
First US-Indonesia ocean exploration agreement signed
Gaza fishers foundering because of Israeli blockade
Israel bars fishing in Sea of Galilee
Isolation a threat to Great Barrier Reef fish

Guidelines to Reduce Sea Turtle Mortality in Fishing Operations
FAO technical paper: International management of tuna fisheries
Network of protection for North America's marine ecosystems: Online map and other resources



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