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The Online Magazine for Sustainable Seas
December, 1998 Vol. 1 No. 11





The Year We "Re-Connected" with the Ocean
In the Year of the Ocean, Filipinos seized the opportunity to rediscover their innate affinity for the sea, and bring out ocean conservation and coastal resource management issues at both the local and national levels.

Saving the Panganan Island Causeway
The people of Panganan Island off Calape, Bohol, have found in mangroves a natural way to protect from typhoon damage their island's only road link to the mainland. This is their story.

About Panganan Island

Some recommendations for the enhancement of the Mangrove Causeway Management


Sea Squirts: Children's Page

More environment-friendly things you can do to help keep our ocean clean and healthy.


Local Action
Visit this page for the latest news about CRM efforts in CRMP's learning areas.

Coastal Alert

Ocean related developments from all over.


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