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December, 1998 Vol. 1 No. 12

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CRMP’s work in Palawan focuses on San Vicente, 180 km from Puerto Princesa. Known to the outside world primarily for its 14-km White Beach, San Vicente is, to CRMP, a rich ground for instituting programs in coastal resource management. This municipality northwest of Puerto Princesa City has four out of the 165 fishing grounds found in Palawan: Imuruan Bay, Caruray, Pagdanan and Jibbon Bay. With forest reserve areas covering 86.8% or 68,834 hectares of the total land area of nearly 80,000 hectares and a coastline extending to 120 kms, majority of San Vicente’s 20,000 residents depend on fishing for livelihood.

Port Barton plan renews interest in CRM
With the final draft of coastal resource management plan for Port Barton completed, the rest of San Vicente is awaiting the entry of CRMP into their areas. "We got fresh commitment from the local governments to provide support and counterpart funding for CRM," Provincial Coordinator Benjamin Francisco reported. "They want us to move into their villages and replicate the process we have undertaken in Port Barton."

Francisco said the Project will soon start CRM planning in the villages within its learning area. "There is a need to develop the local governments' skills in formulating ordinances and in CRM planning and implementation," he noted. The Project expects to put in place within the year the required CRM systems in the entire San Vicente learning area.

Port Barton will remain a focus area, as CRMP continues to assist the local government in implementing the CRM plan it helped lay out this year for the community. A key component of this plan is the establishment of a marine park, which the Project hopes people will help manage. "Our focus in Port Barton next year is to encourage people to participate more broadly in the management of the park," said Francisco. "The community's enthusiasm [for the park] is high but constant coaching is necessary, and people need to see tangible results or benefits from their efforts."

Meanwhile, CRMP has identified two expansion areas in Palawan. These are Cagayancillo, which covers the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, and Puerto Princesa City, particularly St. Paul's Park. "We will design a small information, education and communication program for St. Paul's Park, where the underground river is," said Francisco. CRMP has already helped develop a management plan for the terrestrial components of the park.

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