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January, 1998 Vol. 1 No.1







From the Over Seas Desk

This is our first issue of Over Seas, an on-line magazine produced by CRMP, which is not only our publisher but the most important reason for our being here.

So what is CRMP? The acronym stands for The Coastal Resource Management Project. In a nutshell, it is a project for and about sustainable coastal resource management in the Philippines, funded by USAID and implemented by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and its partners in other national government agencies, local government units, and private and other non-government sectors. CRMP's mission: Catalyze coastal resource management in the Philippines to a threshold that will expand nationwide and be sustainable beyond the project. In other words, if we get enough people to care about and work toward ensuring that our coastal resources are never exhausted, the practice of coastal resource management will spread all over the country and thus become the norm.

Tall order? Well, yes, but weíre not alone in this job. There are many people, individuals as well as groups, working toward instituting coastal resource management across the 18,000-km coastline of the Philippines. Increasingly, our efforts are being coordinated so that each of us complements the othersí work. CRMP, for instance, has forged strategic partnerships that cut across several sectors. In the field, we count on the support of the local governments, the US Peace Corps, donors such as the Canadian International Development Agency and the European Union, NGOs such as Haribon, the Ting Matiao Foundation and the International Marinelife Alliance-Philippines, and the coastal communities themselves. In the national government, our partners include the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, the Department of Interior and Local Government, the Philippine Information Agency and the Technology and Livelihood Resource Center. In business, thereís a fast ferry company (Universal Aboitiz), a bank (Banco Filipino), a tankering firm (Herma Shipping), an oil company (Petron), and several others. In the academe, itís Silliman University, the University of San Carlos, the University of the Philippines-Marine Science Institute ... the list goes on and on, and everyone in it is spreading the word about coastal resource management.

And that, precisely, is what Over Seas is all about: Spreading the word. About our coasts. Our seas. Our Planet. Our future. And that weíre all in this together.

So, letís surf.


Over Seas is produced by the Coastal Resource Management Project or CRMP, a five-year (1996-2001) project based and operating in the Philippines, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


Donít Be A Stranger
Over Seas is for everyone who cares about our ocean and our future. So, as one of our favorite web authors would say, if there are any questions, comments, confusion, complaints or cash (just kidding) you would like to send us, drop us an e-mail.



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