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DENR and CRMP/SI personnel together with a WWF biodiversity survey team on Turtle Islands (Palma, 1998).

The Ocean Ambassadors program presented on these pages involves the collaboration of many people in several organizations. They include:

The Pawikan Conservation Project (PCP) at the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) of the Philippines' Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) PCP Tel (63 2) 924 6031; Fax (63 2) 928 2096 : contact Renato Cruz (front right) or Rhoda de Veyra (under the "N" in "Sanctuary");

USAID's and DENR's Coastal Resource Management Project (CRMP) Tel. (63 32) 232 1821-22; (63 32) 412 0487-89; Fax (63 32) 232 1825: contact Catherine Courtney;

The World Wildlife Fund-Philippines (KKP) Tel (63 2) 4333220-22
: contact Joel Palma (the photographer) or Romi Trono; and

The Smithsonian Institution's Conservation & Research Center (SI-CRC): contact Michael Stwe (front left) or Jack Frazier (on the right of Michael).

We look forward to your comments and questions regarding the Ocean Ambassadors program and this web page!!

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Ocean Ambassadors
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